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Cissy Spoelstra


Cissy Spoelstra is a Dutch photographer, based in Leiden.

She studied creative photography at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and worked as a photographer until march 2020 when she was forced to stay at home due to the pandemic.


This enabled her to finally find the time to start to create, explore, invent and develop all her ideas. Cissy Spoelstra was always interested in alternative photography and started cyanotypes because one just needs the sun, some chemicals and paper. Making cyanotypes is her main occupation now, but she also makes Polaroid emulsion lifts and works in analogue photography.

Once Cissy Spoelstra started working with cyanotypes, she really got caught up in them! She loves to experiment with a lot of materials, especially transparent ones.

Glass or plastic materials are interesting because of the shades and shadows. She just loves the beautiful shades of blue and the unpredictable outcome, the imperfection.
Purposely imperfection gives her work the personality she’s looking for.
Her work is moving between photography, art and design.

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