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Cyanotype on Tile

The project "developed by the sun, washed by the sea" is an ongoing project based on a song from Paul van Vliet called 'The Sea”.


"The sea spoke up that afternoon, and said: all will be over soon,

so often I am wondering if people know, she said,

about the years of weariness and suffering I had."

There are days that I'm choked with the waste of the land,

There are days that I feel that the end is at hand,

That's what the sea said - and she wasn't even trying,

To hide from me that she is slowly dying"


The tiles (14 x 14 cm) are painted with cyanotype fluid and washed in the sea after developing. The tiles represent everything that is build by people. By laying them along the shore and let them be flooded by the sea, they represent the fact that we are dependent on the sea and we have to pay more respect to nature.

developed by the sun, washed by the sea III.JPG
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