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Why do I love making cyanotypes? 

I love the unpredictable outcome of the cyanotypes and the imperfections. Purposely imperfection gives my work the personality that I am looking for.  Every blueprint I create is a unique artwork.  

The magical moment when the blueprint is developing is always a highlight! My work is moving between photography, art and design. 

In my artwork I’m often looking for unexplored territories. 

One of them is trying to express personal feelings and emotional issues by portraying them. I experiment with lots of materials, especially transparent ones. 

Glass or plastic objects are interesting as the sun shines through them and makes beautiful  shadows and shades depending on the height of the sun. 

The cyanotype process is a rather simple one:

I start with blending together the two solutions of  potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate in equal parts.


Then I coat my water colour paper and let it dry in the dark. After at least 15 minutes of drying I  put my materials on to the paper and place it in to direct sunlight. 

After exposing the photo is rinsed in water and the white print comes out on a blue background. 

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